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Hell in 30 Fathoms: The Story of the S-5

Country: USA
Length: 35 min.
Keywords: Interwar

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"The 231 foot long submarine, the S-5, was built at the Portsmouth, New Hampshire Shipyard and was launched on November 10, 1919. She sank on September 1, 1920 during a test dive 50 miles off the Delaware Capes. The amazing thing about the sinking of the S-5 was that the Captain of the boat, Capt. Cook, managed to get the stern of the sub to stick out of water. He then commanded his crew to drill a small hole in the stern and stick a tee shirt out of the hole on a length of pipe to signal a passing ship. All 39 men were rescued, but when the Navy attempted to tow the sub it sank in 170 feet of water off the Delaware Capes. Join Capt. Palmer as he relates the saga of the S-5 and explores this rich piece of submarine history."


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