Naval Warfare Movies

U-boats: Terror on Our Shores

Director: Christine Weber
Producer: National Geographic

Published: 1992
Country: USA
Keywords: WWII, Documentary

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A documentary about Operation Drumbeat. Narrated by Robert Ulrich. Shown in Germany under the title U-Boot-Einsatz: Operation Trommelfeuer vor der amerikanischen K├╝ste.


This is a decent overview of Operation Drumbeat, focusing primarily on the operations of Reinhard Hardegen in U-123. It includes footage from U.S. wartime newsreels as well as the German Wochenschau films. Somewhat misleadingly, the narration of Hardegen's activities is accompanied by footage of Erich Topp taken from a German propaganda film. The documentary closes with modern-day film of some of the wrecks of U-boats sunk off the U.S. shores.