Naval Warfare Movies

Submarines (Weapons at War)

Producer: History Channel

Weapons at War
Country: USA
Length: 50 min.
Keywords: Documentary, WWI, WWII

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From the publisher: "The very first submarines were wooden-skinned, hand-powered vessels barely large enough to hold a single person. A modern missile sub carries a crew of hundreds, can stay at sea for up to a year and is capable of launching multiple nuclear warheads from deep beneath the ocean's surface. SUBMARINES traces the history of the ships that have revolutionized warfare. Historians tell of the very first submarine mission during the Civil War and examine the legendary German fleets from both World Wars, where the subs' effectiveness was proven beyond a doubt. Go aboard subs from throughout the years and see how they evolved into their ultimate form--the "boomer." And hear from the daring sailors who risk their lives on silent missions below the waves."