Naval Warfare Movies

U-Boat Wrecks of Operation Deadlight

Producer: Innes McCartney

Published: 2002
Country: UK
Length: 30 min.
Keywords: WWII, Documentary

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From the producer: "As World War Two ended, the allies took possession of the remainder of the German U-boat fleet. The surviving submarines were a rich mixture of designs. Many were famous U-boats, commanded by the 'aces'. Others were the latest 'wonder weapons' - the first true submarines.

A few of these spoils of war were shared among the victors. The remaining 116 were deliberately sunk during Operation Deadlight, so as to be disposed of for all time.

Due to poor weather and logistical problems, only half the U-boats reached the allocated deep water sinking area off Ireland. Exactly 58 U-boats sank in less than 100 metres of water. These wrecks are now within the reach of technical divers.

In 2001 and 2002, the first diving expeditions aimed solely at finding and filming the wrecks discovered these once deadly craft lying in awesome splendour in the clear waters of the Atlantic. This film tells their stories from wartime and disposal, to rediscovery as an important part of our maritime heritage.


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