Naval Warfare Movies

War Zone - WWII Off North Carolina's Outer Banks, Part 2

Producer: Kevin Duffus

Country: USA
Length: 90 min.
Keywords: WWII, Documentary

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Part 2: Let's Face the Music and Dance
From the publisher: WAR ZONE, by North Carolina filmmaker Kevin Duffus, is two 90 minute videos of archival footage and contemporary inerviews showing Outer Banks people and scenes, war action at sea and the personal stories of witnesses and victims of the German U-boat assault along the East coast of the United States in 1942 with its epicenter at Cape Hatteras.

War Zone Part Two portrays how life was altered when war was waged on Outer Bankers' doorsteps. Learn the truth behind decades old urban legends of German spies, sympathizers and saboteurs. Featured is an eyewitness account of the almost calamitous first engagement between a U-boat and a U.S. Navy destroyer. Experience the surprising reactions of American servicemen toward enemy sailors when U-boats are finally sunk off the Outer Banks.