Naval Warfare Movies

Escape to Glory

Director: John Brahm
Starring: Constance Bennett, Pat O'Brien, John Halliday, Alan Baxter

Published: 1940
Country: USA
Length: 74 min.
Keywords: WWII, Feature

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Passengers from several nations, including a German doctor, are en route to the US on a British freighter when they learn that war has been declared. Only a day later, the freighter and its passengers have their first taste of the war when a surfaced U-boat shells them and in turn is attacked by the freighter's guns. The German doctor is detected in his attempt to contact the U-boat, and plans to destroy the U-boat (using a motor launch loaded with bombs in a suicide mission) are quickly formed and executed.


Also known as Submarine Zone, this film reflects the prevailing anti-Axis mood and ominous-clouds-of-war feeling of the time.