Naval Warfare Movies

Food - Weapon of Conquest

Producer: National Film Board

Canada Carries On
Published: 1942
Country: Canada
Length: 21 min.
Keywords: WWII, Documentary

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This propaganda film uses footage of U-boats sinking supply ships to illustrate the impact the German blockade of Britain was having on food availability.


One of a series of more than 60 short propaganda films planned and executed by the National Film Board's John Grierson. For almost the entire length of the war, a new film appeared monthly, covering one of six main themes meant to educate Canadians about the war and the postwar future they could expect. This episode reminded Canada and especially the United States of Britain's need to import half of its food supply, and pointed out those areas of food production which would be most beneficial to the British and the war effort. Soon after its release, a Canadian official removed it from distribution until its narration could be modified, believing it overemphasized the role of US food production and ignored the Canadian contribution.

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