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14 Apr 1999
Just a quick note to say thank you for such a great web site. Its certainly helped to get my TV documentary research off to a coherent start. Keep up the good work,
  Dominic Gribbin

6 Feb 1999
This is the best page I have on my favourite places list, it is the reason (and only reason) that I have not cancelled AOL! Keep up the good work. Excellent site!
  Frank Cammarata

20 Sep 1998
Information obtained from U-Boat Net has enabled me to contact one of the survivors of U-715, which our aircraft engaged in 1944. Yours is a truly exceptional page which improves with every visit.
  James M McRae

2 Jun 2000
I have found this a both fascinating and tragic highlights well the amazing effort and loss that this Submarine service took... It will remain one of my favorite websites
  Richard Sargent

14 May 1999
Hi. Just a note to say how much I enjoy accessing your web page on U-boats. As an ex submariner I find that the amount of detail concerning the U-boat war in WW2 absolutely fascinating. I have many books on submarines but still not the amount of data that you have collected. A tremendous achievement! All the very best wishes.
  Harry Summerton

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