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2 Jan 1998
You pages are a virtual History lesson. Thank You for this most interesting site. I visit often and am very much impressed with the information available. I have and continue to share your URL with those people who express an interest in U-boats and the German Navy during this period of our time.


Thank You Very Much.
  Bud McCall

28 Jul 2000
Just wanted to let you know that I found your site to be very interesting and well done. Keep up the good work.
  Christian Kretschmer

19 Nov 1998
When I discovered your net I was hooked and have been visiting it every day. Keep up the wonderful work!
  Javier Rubio

23 Nov 1998
I accidentally found your site by typing in submarines, not knowing what i would find. I am glad that I found your site on the German WWII u boats. It is a very fine history on these particular boats that you have compiled and I have bounced back and forth on the different articles and pictures and have not yet seen all of it. I have been studying WWII for more than 35 years and web sites like yours will only extend one's ability to find out more about that war than we really knew. Congratulations on a great web site.
  Ken Burke

12 Nov 1997
The first time I saw your page I couldn't believe it. There it was. I'm a fan of German U-boats, and in front of me there was a lot of amazing information. Well, I must say that I watch your page every day, and there's always something new that really surprise me. Thank you very much.
  Juan Antonio Gonzalez Castro

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