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3 Aug 1999
Thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication in making this one of the finest sites on the net. I'm definitely including a visit to U-505 on my trip to Chicago later this month. Keep up the great work!
  Joel Nelson

19 Jun 2000
As someone who loves history I have a great intrest in the Kriegsmarine. I love the detail you have put into the site even being to hear from a great like Erich Topp. I look forward to accesing your site again.

26 Aug 1998
I have been a regular visitor to the Uboat site ever since I was first connected to the Internet. What you have done here is truly magnificent, and the best thing is, it keeps growing. And always with this wonderful scholarship. Even those who do not care about U-boats should visit your site just to learn what can be done, and how it should be done. As a classical scholar I only wish there was something as good on Classcal Antiquity...
  Hans Aili, PhD

28 Jul 2000 pays a real tribute to men that served on these World War Two submarines. I was raised and ever since been living in Tangier, Morocco, North Africa. I have always been fascinated about the history of the U-boats and their men and in particular the trips they made through the straits of Gibraltar and close by around the coast of Tangier. My hat goes off to you and I also salute you for making this web site a fascinating site that takes you back in time and history. You have got me completely hooked!!.
Thank you
  Omar Amghar

6 Jun 2000
I would just like to say what a really great website this is. I have a great interest in U-boats and your web-site provides a really interesting and in-depth database. I love the personnel file of the week. Thanks.
  Ciaran Moloney

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