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9 Sep 1999
I´m so glad I found the, and all the facts it contains. I have been looking at the site for a year and I still find new stuff all the time :-) Keep up the good work.
  David Karlsson

10 Nov 1997
Compliments to the maker(s).

Both technically, information and pictures! This is what internet was made for: INFORMATION. Wow!
  Piet van Hees

7 Oct 1999
Hey! what's up? I am just writing to say I love your site, and have bookmarked it. The convoy battle section is cool, and I LOVE the new Events on this day feature. keep up the good work!
  David Clark

18 Jan 2002
Too bad I didn't visit this site before. A real source of reading pleasure for sub fans. I will certainly tell my friends about it and hope that they too will help you financially. Keep up the good work.
  Lode Mortier

12 Aug 1997
As a teacher, historian, and collector of Kriegsmarine militaria, I was more than excited when I discovered U-Boat Net. I find your site accurate, highly researched, detailed, and most of all brilliant. I refer to this site almost daily, and consider it as valuable as any reference book. If I could I would present you Gudmundur, and your staff with the Ritterkreuz. Keep up the good work.
  Jody Beltram

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