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24 Apr 2000
I really would like to congratulate you on your great site. It is very rare to find a WWII site that doesn't start to be tendencious for one side or another, and stays close to the real facts and history instead of propaganda.
  Christian Maciel

13 Mar 1998
I have been compiling information about WW II and in particular the U-boats since I was a teen. This amounts to approximately 30 years. Your site has filled in all of the gaps and omissions my research has in all of those years left un-filled. There seems very little that I can add. Thank you for it all.
  T. White

10 Mar 1999
I was told about your net by a series of circumstances related to gathering material for my next book. "What a goldmine," I think was the exact term I e-mailed to [...], a diver on U-boat wrecks off the east coast of the States, who informed me about your set-up. It had almost everything I needed; from batteries to shipyards, to commander's records. Yes indeed, what a goldmine.!
  Steve Grabowski

2 Jan 1998
You pages are a virtual History lesson. Thank You for this most interesting site. I visit often and am very much impressed with the information available. I have and continue to share your URL with those people who express an interest in U-boats and the German Navy during this period of our time.


Thank You Very Much.
  Bud McCall

6 Jun 2000
I would just like to say what a really great website this is. I have a great interest in U-boats and your web-site provides a really interesting and in-depth database. I love the personnel file of the week. Thanks.
  Ciaran Moloney

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