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Re: USS PC-1128
Posted by: Grant Reed ()
Date: December 01, 2011 07:45AM

Is this forum still read? I believe my father was on this boat. Ival Ray Reed.
He told me, he has never said much, he was in the water for about 72 hours and has a good size scare on his head from being in the engine room when it all went down. I will confirm in the morning. If so I would like to contact people by email. I will post again when I get the info I need for you. I would love him to have pics and anything you all may have for my/his record. He has told me of New Caledonia a few times, not sure with this vessel though.
He later joined the Army Air Corps and was in when it became the Air Force. He was in the Korean conflict also. I am second Gen. Air Force for my family, 9 years.

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