WWI U-boat commanders

Hans von Mellenthin

Kapitänleutnant (Crew 4/06)

57 ships sunk with a total of 154,662 GRT
7 ships damaged with a total of 31,556 GRT

Born:25 Mar 1887  
Died:12 Jun 1971  

Hans von Mellenthin


1 Apr 1906 Seekadett
6 Apr 1907 Fähnrich zur See
30 Sep 1909 Leutnant zur See
19 Sep 1912 Oberleutnant zur See
13 Jul 1916 Kapitänleutnant
31 Jul 1922 Korvettenkapitän (Charakter)
31 Jul 1922 Out of naval service


 Iron Cross 2nd class
 Iron Cross 1st class
   Ottoman Osminieh Order
   Military Merit Medal
   Iron Half Moon
   Military Merit Cross (Mecklenburg-Schwerin)
   Military Merit Cross
   Empire Silver Medal Imtiaz with Scimitars
22 Apr 1917  Royal House Order of Hohenzollern
25 Feb 1918  Pour le Mérite

U-boat Commands

UB 4329 Aug 1916 - 8 Apr 1917
UB 4928 Jun 1917 - 12 Jun 1918
U 12031 Aug 1918 - 11 Nov 1918


Hans von Mellenthin joined the Kaiserliche Marine in 1906 as Seekadett. Was in 1914 CO of the Turkish torpedocruiser Berk. In 1915 he was CO of a torpedoboat and active in the battle for the Dardanelles. In 1916 he was promoted Kapitänleutnant and was CO of UB11, UB43 (from the 29th August) and in 1917 of UB49 (starting from the 28th June).

On 9th September UB49 was suffering damage and entered the Spanish harbor of Cadiz. The Spanish authorities wanted to intern the boat and crew, but von Mellenthin managed escape from Cadiz with his UB49 on 6 October.

In 1918 he received the Pour le Mérite and became CO of U120, probably in June. In 1919-1920 he served in the Marine Brigade von Löwenfeldt. Between 1920 and 1937 he was active in business in South-America.

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