WWI U-boat commanders

Otto Weddigen

Kapitänleutnant (Crew 4/01)

4 ships sunk with a total of 12,934 GRT
4 warships sunk with a total of 43,350 tons
2 ships damaged with a total of 4,317 GRT

Born:15 Sep 1882 Herford 
Died:18 Mar 1915 Pentland Firth 

Otto Weddigen


10 Apr 1901 Seekadett
22 Apr 1902 Fähnrich zur See
29 Sep 1904 Leutnant zur See
10 Nov 1906 Oberleutnant zur See
25 Apr 1912 Kapitänleutnant


1907 or earlier  Lifesaving Medal
prewar  Order of the Red Eagle
24 Sep 1914  Iron Cross 2nd class
24 Sep 1914  Iron Cross 1st class
28 Sep 1914  Military Order of St. Henry (Saxony)
11 Oct 1914  Military Order of Max Joseph (Bavaria)
24 Oct 1914  Pour le Mérite
   Military Merit Order (Württemberg)

U-boat Commands

U 91 Aug 1914 - 11 Jan 1915
U 2916 Feb 1915 - 18 Mar 1915 (+)


Awarded the Pour le Mérite for distinguished and outstanding submarine actions against the British Royal Navy in the North Sea, especially in recognition of the sinking of the British armoured cruisers HMS Hogue, Aboukir and Cressy on September the 22nd 1914. The award also recognised the sinking of the HMS Hawke the next month.

Weddigen also received the first Bavarian Military Max Josef Order of WW I that was given to non-Bavarians and this on the 11th October 1914.

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