RE: Japanese Torpedoes ???
Posted by: Anders Wingren ()
Date: May 29, 2000 12:36PM

Hi Viktor!

Japanese Model 93 "Long Lance" Torpedoe invented in 1933 and perfected in
prewar years,was an oxygen-fueled weapon packed 470 kilograms (1036 punds)
of high explosive,twice the charge of the contemporary 21-inch US torpedoe.
It could travel 20 000 metres - almost 11 miles - at 49 knots,or twice as far
at 36 knots,outreaching even a battleship´s guns.
The standard US destroyer torpedoe (Mark 15) could travel only 3 miles at 45
knots,5 miles at 33,5 knots or 7,5 miles at 26,5 knots.It was 21 inches in diameter,
and originally contained 789 lb. of explosive.

Morison:Hist of US naval operations in WW II.Vol:VI.Pages:195-196.
US Naval Technical Mission to Japan:Ordnance Targets,Japanese Torpedoes
and Tubes.April 1946.(Index 0-01-1).
Best regards/Anders.

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