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RE: The Modern Diesel/Electric Sub
Posted by: rabbit ()
Date: June 26, 2000 02:03AM

Hello Everyone :)

Saw and liked the thread below about the Type VII @ Type XXI below.

As stated, the Type VII would have very limited capabilities today except in certain situations were it would be effective even in todays enviroment.

The Type XXI on the other hand, if completely outfitted with modern gear would do very well considering when it was designed. As stated below, several submarine types today are still opperated by some navies that are direct desindents of the Type XXI. And opperated effectively are capable of doing great damage.

I think some of the people on this board underestimate just how difficult it is to locate a submarine these days. Even for old boats that are considered obsolete my modern Western Navies are very, VERY troublesome and can pose many problems even for advanced navies.

Now to the modern designs: These newer boats, especially those outfitted with A.I.P. propulsion are state of the art and are arguably the best submarines today.

They have numerouse advantages over a nuke boat:

1) First and foremost, they are just as capable, in some cases more capable than a modern nuke boat. Diesel/electric boats are quieter than nuke boats. They can shut down and just be a "black hole" in the water, nukes cannot shut down their nuke plant at anytime, even in port.

2) Conventional boats are far, far cheaper than a modern nuke boat. A excellent diesel boat can go for under 200 million dollars, more if you want the bells and whistles. The Virginia nuke boat will cost 2.4 Billion dollars apiece, and the Seawolf subs cost a sickning 11 Billion dollars apiece.

3) Conventional boats are far cheaper to operate and maintain, nuke boats have a crew of over 130 men, diesels crew range from 20-40 personel.

4) Conventional boats can carry the same electronic sensors and weapons systems as a nuke boat.

The only advantage the nuke boats have over the diesel boats is endurance, they can basically just about run forever, or at least until the crew runs out of food. :)

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