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RE: submerged targets
Posted by: Anders Wingren ()
Date: November 20, 2000 06:17PM

Hi All!

When Lt J S Launders in Brit VENTURER patrolled at periscope depth off Bergen
in the forenoon of 9 Febr 1945,week propeller noices were heard on the Asdic set,
being used as a hydrophone. 20 minutes later a periscope was sighted.
The Uboat was making an unusual and considerable amount of machinery clatter,
and Launders therefore tracked her for an hour(!!),using his Asdic set as a DD
would,and obtaining bearings & ranges,untill the Uboat´s cource & speed was
established,assistance given by the Uboat´s unwary use of the periscope!

Then VENTURER drew off,increased speed,and manoeuvred ahead & into a
firing position.
After another hour(!!),VENTURER was running towards U-864,ready to fire!
Launders closed range,and fires a salvo,the torps being set to run at 40 feet!
Alastair Mars in "Brit Subs at Wars 1939-45" does not think,the crew of U-864
knew anything,before they heard the torps approaching!

During this successful patrol,VENTURER also sank German Steam Freighter STOCKHOLM of 618 tons on 22 Jan off Stavanger,and German Minesweeper
M-381 on 12 Febr.

Launders had also been the VENTURER´s CO when the U-771 was sunk
by VENTURER in wild November weather on 11 Nov 1944 in 69*17´N-16*28´E.

Let me also express how very glad I am that UboatNet is back again!
I think that the planned DataBase of 3300 Uboat Sinkings,
with the ROYAL OAK example,looks very very interesting!

Best regards/Anders.

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