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Posted by: SuperKraut ()
Date: September 15, 2001 11:10AM

\">In the beginning of the war, radar was not on the ocean on either side.<\" Not so. The Germans introduced \"Seetakt\" in 1938 on capital ships. This was primarily a fire control radar but it could be used a search radar if the crew were so inclined. Some British ships also carried first generation radar by 1939.

\">For a long time the Germans did not know this - suddenly an allied ASW vessel would come pounding out of the mist, priescently knowledgeable of a U-boat\'s location. Also Donitz and the technical staff at headquarters doubted that radars could be mounted on ships, let alone planes. It was not till mid-war that the Germans even admitted that they faced radar equipped foes.<\" They were not THAT dumb. See my post \"The HF war at sea\" for what the Germans knew and what they did about it. The main problem was that Dönitz\'s so called experts did not believe radar could pick up the small silhouette of a U-boat and it also took rather long before they found out about microwave radar. His \"experts\" were not even up to date on everything the Luftwaffe knew about radar.


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