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Re: torpedo design query
Posted by: Natter ()
Date: August 28, 2011 06:32PM

Keith Wrote:
> > suggested I look at are good, I wonder if there
> are any highly detailed mechanical drawings in
> existence, preferably on the internet or in books,
> which show all the inner workings of WW2
> torpedoes. I have lots of detailed drawings of
> u-boats in Eberhard Rossler's book The U-Boat.
> Anyone familiar with that book will be aware of
> the astonishing detail...

Certainly, the germans had very comprehensive documentation on their torpedoes. The drawings in Rösslers book are just a few examples from the original handbooks.

As far as I can tell from documents I have/ have seen, the documentation was divided into at least 3 or 4 books on each type/ model of torpedo:
"Beschreibung": Description of the assmbly and function
"Bedienungsvorschrift" (or "Wartung"): Description of maintenance-routines
"Zeichnungen": Drawings of the torpedo and it's inner components (examples of these are shown in Rösslers book)

The books would have a "MDv" number (perhaps "Marine Document..." ?).

Hopefully, someone might be able to complement this further... I'd love to see a complete list of documents, and of course some reference to exisiting copies in archives or libraries would be highly appreciated...

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