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U-Boat binoculars?
Posted by: Brian ()
Date: September 28, 2006 12:16AM

I inherited a pair of binoculars from my father which I believe to be from a U-boat (he acquired them a few months after WW-II when he visited Germany).

On the body just in front of the right eyepiece, where the user would see it as he brought the eyepieces to his eye, there is one stamp indicating they are 7X50, and a second one with the letters beh over a six number sequence beginning 4444xx. The binoculars are rubber armored (which covers the stamps in front of the ocular), both oculars are adjustable, and I can find no manufacturer's name on them.

They came with a very robust leather case, with rather weak straps on its back evidently intended for attaching to a belt, and one rivet on each side beneath a leather holder, evidently intended for a carrying strap. On the top of the case (its lid) is a very faint impression, which I take to be an eagle, atop an emblem consisting of a swastika surrounded by what may be a wreath. Beneath this, there is the capital letter M. On the inside of the lid are two leather "doors" that may be snapped in place, each covering two quarter sized depressions that have small pieces of chamois in them.

When you open the cover of the case, you expose the letters beh and the date 1943 on the lip of the case. The broad leather hinge of the case that joins the top with the container is stamped on the inside with a red number 37.

Does anyone have any idea how I can find out the history of these jewels? They are in excellent shape.



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