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Re: Controls for Observation periscope on Type VII
Posted by: Scott Sorenson ()
Date: January 13, 2018 01:52AM

Hi NileX13,

Her is some information about the periscope that might be of interest to you. I hope this helps. I don't know if this is the information you are looking for.

The periscope hoisting motor is an IMO hydraulic motor operating through a worm gear to drive a pair of cable drums.  The cables lead up to the overhead, across to the sides of the well, and down to an equalizing yoke at the foot of the periscope.
Associated with the pump is a chain of gears which drive a traveling worm valve which determines the limit of travel.  A spring-loaded pilot valve and a spring-loaded, lever-operated control valve complete the assembly.  All valves are piston type.
Operation of the control valve opens ports to the travel limit valve and, if the ports of this valve are open, to the pilot valve, operating the piston and opening ports to admit hydraulic oil to the hydraulic motor.  This then rotates the windlass, raising or lowering the periscope as desired.
The raising and lowering device for both periscopes is similar, except that two control valves and a selector valve are provided for the fixed eye level periscope, which is in the after position, in order to permit the operation to be controlled from either of two locations.
For the fixed-eye level periscope a pedal-operated control valve is provided, which connects with a periscope turning motor.  This is smaller than the hoist motor and is mounted overhead on the periscope casing, where it operates to turn the periscope and the attached observer's seat under control of the pedals or, if desired, a hand wheel.
Associated with each of the periscope hoists is a gauge which shows the amount of the periscope exposed.  It operates on a dual water-column basis in which one column consists of a Papenberg gauge showing the external water pressure calibrated in meters submergence, and the adjacent column shows the position of the periscope head.  The height of the water level which shows the top of the periscope is determined by the position of a bellows which is geared to the periscope hoist and is compressed as the periscope is raised, thereby displacing water from the interior of the bellows chamber into the water column.  Several variations on this mechanism have been seen, but all operate on the same basic principle

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