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Re: Copyright issue
Posted by: oliver ()
Date: April 13, 2003 12:36AM

well we all know about institutions like "authors collection":-)
if this would free me from prosecution I would not bother any more and simply label everything "my picture collection" :-)
but you are right antonio.i have seen a very similar looking photo (much grainier and with something more to see on the left side) in bagnascos book.but since the copyright protection elapsed after 25 years i do not care much about it.but for "doing it right" reasons i would like to cite the correct source.
its different with this battleship. anglosaxon copyright law is tricky and twisty.so percis info of the source would spare some trouble.

@marek: unfortunately the russians strengthened their copyright law punishment system back in 2002.now you can get up to five years gulag again for infringements of copyright laws.very much unfortunately they also redefined their definition of such infringements into a very abstract and rubber-like thing after a short time of abiding to the regulations of the convention of berne. so watch out for russian prosecutors on your next hop over the russian border:-)
btw:all copyright materials with a non-elapsed copyright protection period of 25 years after making were prolonged in 1992 to protection of 50years after authors death.
interstingly the works of mark twain, george bernard shaw, robert frost et al are in the public domain in russia :-)</HTML>

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