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Here is some information that I have found:

1. Ship Information:
Frigate K 329
Builder: Morton Engineering and Dry Dock Co., Quebec City.
Launched: July 17, 1943.
Commissioned: December 7, 1943 at Quebec City.

2. Wartime Career:
Allocated to Escort Group (EG) C-1.
First convoy: SC-154 - escorted disabled rescue ship "Dundee" to the Azores.
March, 1944 - escorted the damaged HMCS Mulgrave in tow for the Clyde.

3. Loss of Ship:
Torpedoed by: U-548 (Type IX C-40 U-Boat) - only ship sunk by this U-Boat.*
* Check this site for verification because I have conflicting information.
Torpedo hit port side in the boiler room.
Location of loss: Off Cape Race, Newfoundland.
Date: May 7, 1944.
Weather: clear night with almost full moon, small "bergy bits" of ice and 32°F water.
RXC Radar: out of commission for the first time.
Casualties: 12 officers, 111 crew, and 2 passengers.

4. Reading:
Excellent 4-page summary of the loss of HMCS Valleyfield in "The Canadian Naval Chronicle 1939-1945" by Fraser McKee and Robert Darlington.

5. Photograph;
I might be able to locate the photo of the ship in the St. Lawrence in December, 1943 @ 3" x 5" size. Let me know if you wish me to try to find you one here in

I hope that this helps a bit.

Doug Struthers</HTML>

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