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Re: HMS Moray Firth
Posted by: Malcolm Robins ()
Date: February 19, 2008 08:31PM

The following piece seems to originate from a Branch of the RNA. In any event, I hope its author will excuse the abstraction from:


Quote …

The Navy in our part of the pond

Did you know that there was a RN ship called HMS Beauly Firth, and another called HMS Moray Firth? Well I didn't until I spotted an advert in the October edition of the Navy News, in the "calling old shipmates" section. A chap by the name of Bill Jones, from California, was calling for anyone who had served on the ships between 1944 - 47. Intrigued, I decided to email him, and ask for info. This was his response:

Beauly Firth was a new idea in I944, It was commissioned in Newcastle on Tyne along with her sister ship H.M.S Moray Firth. That is where I got on board.
She was a grain ship when the keel was laid, but at a later date converted to an aircraft engine repair ship. I have a picture of her in dry dock in Brisbane Australia, but do not have the equipment to mail a picture to you. Sorry.
We had regular test beds on the upper deck and a complete workshop one deck down, Our duty was to rendezvous with aircraft carriers and take any damaged aircraft engines in need of repair or routine maintenance and go on our way. while sailing to our next rendezvous. We repaired the engines we had just received and met up with another carrier and exchanged the repaired engines with them in exchange for engines that they had for repair or maintenance.
We would test the engines on our test beds revving them up to the required revs as per the manuals. As the test beds where mounted on the aft end of the ship and sideways, when we tested them it would ktmek the ship 5 degrees off course.
I now live in California U.S.A and was born and raised in Chester. Thank you for contacting me, Where is Beauly? I have never heard of it. I assume it is in Scotland. Glad to have given you a brief description of Beauly Firth and if you would like any more information I will be happy to oblige.

Fascinated, I tried the Naval Museum in Pompey to (a ) obtain a photo, and (b) obtain further info. This was the response (from the museum’s Stephen Courtney) :

Sadly we do not have anything on thess two vessels in our photographic collection.
The pair were originally going to be named Empire Sarawak and Empire Pitcairn, both being built by Redhead of South Shields They were both launched in 1944. Beauly Firth was sold in 1948 and renamed Stanfirth. Moray Firth was sold in 1947 and renamed Linoria.


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