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HMS Lorna & U74
Posted by: Clint McInnes ()
Date: July 06, 2011 10:07PM

I am in possession of an original newspaper article (undated) concerning the loss of a German U-boat reported as English Channel, along with ships carpenter photos, photos of a yacht that he previously sailed on (suspect Amethyst III) operating out of Holyhead from 1st August 1915 until 8th February 1917, but none of vessel he was transferred to in late March 1917 (namely HMS Lorna) that sunk UB74 and for which I suspect this article is about.

If anyone has a picture of HMS Lorna I would be grateful… ????

Article reads:

Yacht Sinks U-Boat – Pirate rammed and finished off by depth charges

Details of the sinking of a U-boat by one of our armed yachts in the English Channel are now available. Just after sunset an SOS signal was picked up by the yacht, which diverted several steamers from the danger zone, sighted half an hour later the periscope of a submarine, which was apparently preparing to attack a merchantman. Full speed was ordered, and the yacht drove right over the submarine just as the periscope disappeared, a distinct jar pointing to the probability that she had rammed the conning tower. Two depth charges were then dropped.

While bringing the vessel round to pass over the spot again the captain of the yacht observed a disturbance in the sea in the centre of which was a bubbling and rush of water, evidently caused by volumes of air escaping to the surface. A third depth charge was dropped in the centre of the disturbance, which presently died away.

One survivor, covered in a thick coating of oil, was picked up. Everything possible was done to for him on board, but he had sustained serious injuries, and after remaining in agony for three hours, died.

In recommending the captain of the yacht for official recognition, his superior officer points out that this lieutenant, RNR “showed great promptness not only in keeping other merchant shipping clear of the danger area, but in attacking and destroying the submarine,” and concludes in saying: “His attack was marked by quick decision, good seamanship, and sound judgement.”

If anyone has a picture of (or knows where I can get one) of HMS Lorna I would be grateful.

Clint McInnes – New Zealand

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