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Hello & U boat sinking info request
Posted by: Gisbod ()
Date: August 13, 2016 07:49AM

Hello all,

New to the forum. I've always been fascinated by military history (ex-army myself), and in particular the U-boat actions of both wars.

I'm really after specific information (or a lead), for a U-boat sinking action in 1917 by the armed Trawler 'Tenby Castle' captained by Sub-Lieutenant James Henry Arnold R.N.R.

Wondering if anyone could assist? Any info at all (even generic) would be very much appreciated. I'd dearly like to find out what/ who was the U-boat/ commander in question?

I have looked at the U-boat list on the site but nothing listed for those dates?

Sub-Lieutenant Arnold received a D.S.C. for the action, and his crew a bounty of £1000.

I know there was a court of inquiry held aboard H.M.S. Alsation after the event (flagship of the 10th flotilla) presumably to assess the outcome of the action. They found that the U-boat was sunk. I don't suppose anyone could point me in the right direction of where any records of such a court may be found? I'm going to Kew (National Archives) next week, hopefully to find out a little more.

Sub-Lieutenant Arnold submitted the following report of the action 4 days later:

H.M.Trawler 'Tenby Castle'
10th April 1917


I have the honour to report that at 5.50pm on the 6th April 1917, Lat. 56-15N. Long. 7-50W approximately steering ENE mag. Weather fine and clear, sea smooth, whilst on patrol in company with H.M.T Walpole, sighted a submarine Lat. 58-20N, Long. 7-57W. approximate steering W.

I opened fire at extreme range, shells falling at least 500 yards short. Submarine thereupon submerged. H.M.T. Walpole, 1 mile ahead of me meanwhile engaged another submarine who since submerged. I kept to my course and at 6.25pm sighted a submarine Lat. 58-23N. Long. 7-43W. steering N.

I immediately altered my course to port to bring my 12 PR into action meanwhile firing with the 3 pounder. Shells from 3 PR falling short. The first shell from my 12 PR, fired at a range of 7800 yards, struck the submarine at the lower part of his conning tower. The second shell, range 7730 yards just landed to right of conning tower. The third shell struck submarine in practically the same place as the first shell. I saw the submarine heel over and disappear. I ceased firing and proceeded at speed to the position of submarine and found surface of water thickly coated with oil. I steered round the oil and 'Walpole' dropped a depth charge.

Both vessels remained patrolling in vicinity of oil until 0800 7th April 1917. No further indication of the submarine was seen.

I have the honour to be,


Your obedient servant,

James Henry Arnold

Sub-Lieutenant R.N.R.

I know 'Tenby Castle' was listed as operating as a Q-ship from June 1916 through 1917. Although clearly not a specific Q-ship action, his D.S.C. was awarded for 'Special Services' which covered, I believe, minesweeping/submarine service/ Q-ships.

Many thanks,


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