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SS Abosso. Help!
Posted by: John Atack ()
Date: January 09, 2002 12:29AM

<HTML>Does anybody out there have any background detail on the above troopship, sunk by U 575 on 29 October 1942? Stern's book on the VII shows 575 returning after her previous patrol in August and the web has plenty of detail about the boat but not about Abosso herself. That excellent naval historian Kenneth Poolman has her on page 107 of his book relating to the FW Condor, "Scourge of the Atalantic" but a month or so beforehand, in convoy SL81 as the commodore's ship. Odd that she was back in the same area and sunk shortly thereafter although Poolman spells her name "Abasso". I have downloaded pictures from other web archive and have yet to trowel Lloyds archives where she has doubtless some record. Any other information would be very welcome indeed. My reason for this is that our family history search crossed that of my U boat interest on discovering that an Atack was a radio officer on the ship and lost his life as a result of that action. There are not too many of us in the world, only about 1200, (thank goodness some say), but closing this loop would be neat. An odd fact in all this is that Abosso was a trooper and one of three or four such ships sunk within a short space of time. I have read that Winston C himself, put a strict limit on the dissemination of this detail to limit damage to morale which may have had an effect on archived material. Please come back if you have any information, any snippet could help.

Thanks, JA.</HTML>

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