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Re: Ralph...
Posted by: Yuri IL'IN ()
Date: August 25, 2002 10:55PM

<HTML>Ernst Hashagen, "U-boote westwarts! Meine Fahrten um England", Berlin 1931

Once on the steamship from the Weser to the Kiel we were detained on one night in Brunsbyuthele because of the thick mist. Rarely it occurred so that the large submarine would remain there on whole night. Pilots immediately called us to the container of strong grog.


We listened to certain their still time, and then in turn bared our swords. Finally we indeed also are not novices.


The motion of glasses with the grog suddenly ceased. After opening mouths, old men listen to story. The devil take it! Yes, this something entirely new in the sea life. Ah, features take! Here, fine people, these submariners!


However, you do not know the history of underwater camel, puts phrase another submariner, in order to replace the foregoing teller in this interlacement of fictions Earlier I sailed in the Mediterranean, repeatedly there are we on that side of Africa in the tribe of senussi. They were our friends. The following history there once happened, I myself was witness. UC-20 patrolled between Pola and North Africa for the transportation of the ammunition. With each voyage we transported hundreds of guns, machine guns, and hand grenades. Crew once obtained from one sheik, real Arab sheik, and remarkable gift. In the disturbance of all laws of the Koran, this sheik entertained on board by terrible swill, which was called "Greek cognac." In the appreciation for this he presented to us camel. It was real dromedary. The commander of our U-boat first arrived into the horror. However, after thinking, he considered as the matter of the personal honor to transport animal to Germany. For this only in its kind loading it was necessary to call all people. They do so. U-boat approached as close as possible to coast. After this camel they chased into the water, after tying to its bridle the strong end (rope). Then this end with the aid of the small boat was fed onboard, so all it became understandable that the camel would not voluntarily move forward. There is taken end for the spire and they began slowly to select. For camel nothing remained how to be immersed into the water. Finally he floated. Nevertheless this did not help. It was nesseraly pull camel on the deep water, and they began to hunt leash from the spire. As soon as camel felt free, he from all forces rushed to swim conversely to the coast. However, UC-20 however was more rapid then camel.

Anxiety! To be immersed! Commander made rotation to 90° and U-boat was immersed under the camel and overtook him, until the stem of boat proves to be in it under the belly. Then boat floated and the camel hang down over nose. The nose wheel struts on the left side, rear - on by right. Now he remained to only drag animal to the tank, which was difficult, since it very it was desirable to finally find solid soil under the feet. It arose to the feet on the deck, where it was strongly attached. We took with ourselves stored up forage. We had also sufficient room for the fresh water, since our U-boat was specially fitted out for the cargo transportation. By such means of UC-20 she swam off. We thoroughly went around every one of hazes because aboard there was not one torpedo. However, the following morning commander tells the watch officer:.

- However, and if will have to be immersed, then camel recall as they called. It is necessary for it to float and to swallow water.
- Why, Herr Lieutenant commander? - objected the watch officer. We excellently can be immersed together with the camel. I already measured; if we are immersed on 8,5 m, the head of camel exactly will remain on the surface. I already made a mark on the depth gauge.

Therefore, this was. During this passage for us two times it was necessary to be immersed, and the order returned by the autopilots of diving rudders: to be immersed at the depth of camel! And here we completely accurately swam "at the depth of camel", otherwise to say, only one head of animal was visible on the surface. Before the entrance in the floor we penetrated the flotilla of fishing vessels. Commander could not be held down in order at this moment not to be immersed. By this he led into the indescribable horror of the anglers, who, after seeing head and hump, thought that this unprecedented sea monster and on all sails they were released fleeing into the open sea. Thus camel was delivered in the floor healthy and unharmed if it did not die, then it lives there and now.

This evening, carried out together with the old pilots, was splendid. All lied so that in Brunsbyuttele even beams in the compartment bent. However, indeed seamen love to fantasize, this in their nature</HTML>

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