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Re-post Phantom of Scapa Flow
Posted by: Fin Bonset ()
Date: November 27, 2000 12:56PM

<HTML>Hi everyone,

I think this post went unnoticed as the forum was just re-built. I would be interested if anyone knows more about this.

I have recently read the book \"Unexplained Mysteries of World War II\" and there are three accounts involving u-boats. All these stories supposedly really happened as the author researched both factual information and interviewed many witnesses. One story that was neat was that it wasn\'t all Gunther Prien\'s planning and strategy that made the penetration into Scapa Flow a success. There was a spy named Alfred Wehring who supplied all the neceassry planning material to Admiral Doenitz from England. Supposedly he was a spy and acted as a Swiss watchmaker in Kirkwall in the Orkneys, England. It was officially confirmed by the British admiralty that the intelligence message was sent by a spy from England. Even more incredible, the spy supposedly entered Prien\'s boat at the mouth of the flow and acted as pilot-navigator, and then returned to Germany with Prien and his crew.

After a search, the English (even after the war) could not find the remains or whereabouts of the German spy who went under the name Albert Oertel.

There are no official records of the spy in German records and it is now questionable whether there was a spy. The one fact remains however, there was a message sent by a German spy from England regarding Scapa Flow. Had there been a Nazi undercover spy who had been the main cause for the penetration of Scapa Flow? Nobody will ever know as, in my opinion, this German spy asked it and his name to remain a secret.

Who knows, maybe the Germans wanted to scare the English with the fact that there were German spies among them that could inflict serious damage to the country.

I would be interested if anyone has heard of this story.

Best regards!

Fin Bonset

Source: \"Unexplained Mysteries of World War II\", William B. Breuer, \'The Phantom of Scapa Flow\', Pages 12-14


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Re-post Phantom of Scapa Flow Fin Bonset 11/27/2000 12:56PM
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