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Date: August 24, 2018 06:25PM

We have been getting spam posts by someone selling fake (and supposedly real) documents of all sorts: fake passports, driver’s licenses, visas, social security cards, birth certificates, and even counterfeit currency.

Looks like the Dark Net is coming out into the light.

We are also getting spam posts for other illegal items like prescription drugs they are selling without a prescription etc. Possessions of a prescription drug you don’t have a prescription for is generally illegal.

As a result we have taken countermeasures to keep these posts off our forums. Unfortunately, these countermeasures may occasionally snag a legitimate post.

If you are not a spammer and you get the following message while trying to make a post you haven’t done anything wrong:

Your post is inappropriate for our forums. Please forward it to and they will be glad to help you with it.

Simply e-mail the text of your post to and we will help you with it. We are trying hard not to catch any legitimate posts but this is probably going to be an ongoing battle & eventually as we escalate our countermeasures we will probably snag a legitimate post or two. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience if we do.

This isn’t just happening to it is happening all over the Internet. Google “fake passports” & you will probably be surprised at the response.

This is criminal activity and considering the number of forums across the web being impacted you can be sure the authorities are aware of the problem. If you come across one of these posts before we have found it, please ignore it. Do not reply to it, you will just cause us more work and definitely do not try to do business with these people. It is probably just a scam to get you to send them credit card numbers, and/or other information they can use to steal your identity & if you somehow get a fake passport or counterfeit currency from them, possession of that passport or currency is Federal crime. Just ignore these posts if you see one. We are watching for them & if they get past our countermeasures we will delete them as soon as we see them.

We are also getting spammed by some Chinese spammers but their posts don’t seem to be of a criminal nature though we haven’t tried to respond to one of them to see what happens. We have taken countermeasures against them too and again we might accidentally snag a legitimate post. Theirs are being posted several at a time by a bot. So far they are ads for equipment, products and services a company not an individual would purchase that are being offered by companies in China but that could change at any time. Please don’t reply to them or try to do business with them. They may also be scams and/or attempts at identity theft.

Do not click on any of the links in any of these spam posts lest you end up on a website that tries to download something ugly to your computer or cell.

Commercial ads like these are expressly forbidden by our forum rules (See: []).

Lastly, please do not speculate about any of this on our forums. Again, just ignore these posts. If you have suggestions, e-mail them to

The internet brings out the best in some people and the worst in others.

Forum spam is escalating just like the spam calls you get on your phone and the spam e-mails you get in your inbox.

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