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Scharnhorst wreck programme
Posted by: I Stapley ()
Date: March 06, 2002 12:12PM

<HTML>Sorry for the lateness of posting this, the programme having been on already but did anyone catch it second time around?

One of the Timewatch series on BBC2, was repeated last Friday, I believe.

For anyone that missed it, an expedition was mounted to locate the wreck of Scharnhorst, sunk off North Cape, December 26, 1943.

When located, the wreck was not in the position stated in the official war report but some miles southward.

The bow section, up to & including the bridge has been completely destroyed (poss. when the magazines to the forward turrets went up).

The stern section lies keel up with the tip of the stern broken off and on its side. (The anchor is clearly visible). It appears that weak sterns were a design flaw in Kriegsmarine ships as Bismarck is missing her stern and Prinz Eugen lost hers following torpedo attack c. 1942.

Enough remains of the ship to identify her, the props and rudders are still in place, as is the secondary armament and torpedo tubes.

I don't know of any sites connected with this topic but perhaps someone out there does.</HTML>

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Scharnhorst wreck programme I Stapley 03/06/2002 12:12PM
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