Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001

DAY TEN: - 25th July 2001

Target: U637 VIIC
Depth: 70 metres
Weather and sea conditions: Sunny - 2SE - 25 metres underwater visibility

Diving report: This wreck is definitely U637, NOT the one we dived on DAY 8.

The wreck is a very intact VIIC, which under normal circumstances would be difficult to tell from any other VIICs sunk during Operation Deadlight. However, it had one feature, which makes it very special indeed - a ring-float schnorchel head. U637 was photographed with one prior to being disposed of.

All other features of this wreck, were as per normal late-war VIIC. Life raft canisters on bows.

As to the real identity of the one we dived on DAY 8 - We suggested it was U637, because of its proximity to the sinking position of this U-boat - we were wrong - Our Deadlight photo album proves this. So the nearest type VIIs are U281 and U 1010. The presence of the 88mm gun mounting suggests that U281 is a possibility. However, we are learning that the positional information from official reports of Operation Deadlight is far from accurate. In fact, much of it seems, by today's standards to be highly unreliable.

Much more work is required to guarantee the identities which we have tentatively given to some of the U-boats we have dived. The one we dived on DAY 7 - is now thought to be U778, thanks to Axel Niestlé's continued assistance.

An interesting day, with at least one mystery surrounding the identities of these submarine wrecks definitely cleared up.

We will publish a final report on our findings when we have had a chance to confer in detail at the end of the expedition.

Operation Deadlight Expedition Phase II will be running from 3rd to 18th May 2002. Any interested SPONSORS and possibly divers should email Innes McCartney as soon as possible. We are making history - the hard way - Please support us!


Innes McCartney
Operation Deadlight Expedition 2001

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