Kriegsmarine Crews

Crew I/41

The crew started with 520 officer cadets, only 5 crewmembers became U-boat commanders, but 122 men died on U-boats.
The following men were from Crew I/41. Click on any of the names for a full profile page on that commander.

 Oblt. Arco, Ferdinand Graf vonU-151
  Oblt. Franceschi, GerhardU-4704
  Ltn. Fritz, Karl-Heinz +U-107
 Oblt. Knieper, BernhardU-267
 Oblt. Kühl, PeterU-57
 Oblt. Tammen, RenkoU-148
  Oblt. Weber, KlausU-637

7 men from Crew I/41 located.

 We have personal info for the commander.
+ means the man died in the war (1 of these 7 men fell in the war).

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