Heinrich Dammeier

Stabsobermaschinist (Navy since 1933)

Born 9 February, 1914 Beckedorf near Hannover
Died 16 May, 2001  
Heinrich Dammeier


06/06/1939 : Spanienkreuz in Silber
                     mit Schwertern
02/12/1939 : Iron Cross 2nd class (EK II)
29/12/1941 : Ubootskriegsabzeichen 1939
18/08/1942 : Iron Cross 1st class (EK I)
12/02/1944 : Deutsches Kreuz in Gold (238.)
12/08/1944 : Knights Cross (116.)


01/10/1934 Oberheizer
01/10/1935 Stabsheizer
01/10/1936 Maschinistenmaat
01/10/1938 Obermaschinistenmaat
01/08/1941 Obermaschinist
01/07/1943 Stabsobermaschinist

U-boat Career

U-129 IXC Obermaschinist, 10 patrols, 721 days 05.41 - 07.44
U-270 VIIC Obermaschinist, 1 patrol, 3 days 08.44

Heinrich Dammeier started his naval career in July 1933 at the age of 19. He got a technical training and then rode on the cruiser Deutschland (renamed Lützow in 1940). On the Deutschland he took part on a patrol in Spanish waters during the Civil War. He received the Spanish Cross with Swords.

In September 1940 he changed to the U-boat force and became the Obermaschinist on U-129. On 10 patrols he saved the boat on several occasions after it had been badly damaged during enemy attacks and thus became the first Obermaschinist to receive the Knights Cross.

When U-129 was taken out of service in Lorient in July 1944, Heinrich Dammeier joined the crew of U-270. The boat tried to reach La Pallice in August 1944.

Heinrich Dammeier on board

Unfortunately U-270 was sunk by an Australian aircraft only three days after leaving Lorient. Heinrich Dammeier and the majority of the crew found themselves prisoners of war. He then spent more than three years in allied captivity.


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