4 year Wehrmacht Long Service Award

Dienstauszeichnung 4th class

This award was given for long service in the military. Hitler ordered on 16 March 1936 the institution of the first four classes:

  • 4th class (4 years of service)
  • 3rd class (12 years of service)
  • 2nd class (18 years of service)
  • 1st class (25 years of service)

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Decorations ordered by last name

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Commander and rankAgeCrewDate  U-boat Command(s) held *
Ltn. Bopst, Eberhard +2333March 1937  

Karpf, Hans +35   

2 U-boat Commanders decorated with 4 year Wehrmacht Long Service Award (Dienstauszeichnung 4th class) located.

+ Indicates the Officer died in the war.
* Commands held indicates the U-boat commands held by this officer before award date. In some cases the officer had not taken command his first boat yet or was not even in the U-boat force yet.

Note: This listing is still being compiled and some recipients might be missing.

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