The Kriegsmarine Uniforms

Senior Petty Officers & Midshipmen


In the Kriegsmarine, Chief Petty Officers (Bootsmann etc) and midshipmen/officer candidates (Fänrich, Oberfänrich) were Unteroffiziere ohne Portepee and Warrant Officers (Feldwebel ranks) were Unteroffiziere mit Portepee.

The Portepee was a twisted silver cord with an "acorn" at one end, worn attached to the dagger.

Service dress for Senior Petty Officers & Midshipmen consisted of:

a jacket, a pair of trousers, a white shirt, grey gloves,
peaked cap, and, if specified, grey gloves and dagger.

Rank for Chief Petty Officers was indicated on sleeve and collar, and for Feldwebel ranks by gold insignia on blue shoulder straps.

Illustration at left shows an Obersteuermann (Chief Boatswain).

Fähnrich z.S. and Oberfähnrich z.S. wore uniforms with shoulder boards similar to officers, but peaked caps with leather-covered peaks, as Senior Petty Officers'. Officers' caps had cloth-covered peaks

The blue peaked cap was officially worn with white cover between 20 April-30 September, but this was banned in home waters during the war.

White cap Blue cap Peaked cap for all sergeant and officer cadet ranks

The following pictures are examples of various uniforms:

Maschinist Oberfähnrich zur See Hauptfeldwebel (MA)
Ausgehanzug Maschinist

(Walking out dress, ERA CPO)

Dienstanzug Oberfähnrich zur See

(Service dress, Senior Midshipman)

Feldanzug Hauptfeldwebel (MA)

[Undress, Company Sergeant Major (Coastal Artillery)]

Fähnrich (Ing.) Obersteuermann
Dienstanzug Fähnrich (Ing.)

Service dress, Engineer Midshipman]

Dienstanzug Obersteuermann

(Service dress, Quartermaster/CPO)

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