WWI U-boats

UB 124

ShipyardA.G. Weser, Bremen (Werk 297)
Ordered 28 Feb 1917
Laid down 10 Jul 1917
Launched 19 Mar 1918
Commissioned 22 Apr 1918
22 Apr 1918 - 20 Jul 1918 Oblt. Hans Oscar Wutsdorff
Career 1 patrol
1 Jul 1918 - 20 Jul 1918 III Flotilla
Successes1 ship sunk with a total of 32,234 tons. (View ships hit by UB 124)
Fate 20 Jul 1918 - A fitting in the engine room failed just after UB 124 torpedoed the already damaged liner Justica. The U-boat sank to the bottom in 90 meters of water. Seven hours later, Wutsdorff attempted to resurface, but the boat assumed a steep stern-down angle, with water in the bilge flowing aft where it shorted out the electric motors. The British destroyers Milbrook, Marne, and Pigeon had remained in the area and opened fire on UB 124, which was unable to dive with her electric motors inoperative. Wutsdorff then ordered UB 124 to be scuttled. 2 dead, unknown number of survivors.

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