WWI U-boats

UC 7

UC 7 in port

Type UC I
ShipyardVulcan, Hamburg (Werk 51)
Launched 6 Jul 1915
Commissioned 9 Jul 1915
9 Jul 1915 - 29 Nov 1915 Oblt. Franz W├Ąger
30 Nov 1915 - 5 Jul 1916 Oblt. Georg Haag
Career 34 patrols
12 Aug 1915 - 5 Jul 1916 Flandern Flotilla
Successes31 ships sunk with a total of 45,734 tons.
2 ships damaged with a total of 6,151 tons.
1 warship sunk with a total of 3,520 tons. (View ships hit by UC 7)
Fate 5 Jul 1916 - Presumed to have blown up on a mine N of Zeebrugge while homebound.. 19 dead (all hands lost).

UC 7 was sighted while homebound by UB 12 west of the Bligh Bank. UC 7 would never reached Zeebrugge though. The bodies of two crew members washed up on the Flanders coast while the bodies of Oblt.Z.S. Haag and Oblt.z.S. Fischer were recovered by Dutch fishing boats near the Schowen Bank.

A wreck believed to be that of UC 7 has been located by divers in recent years.

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