WWI U-boats

UC 68

Type UC II
ShipyardBlohm & Voss, Hamburg (Werk 284)
Ordered 12 Jan 1916
Launched 12 Aug 1916
Commissioned 17 Dec 1916
17 Dec 1916 - 13 Mar 1917 Oblt. Hans Degetau
Career 2 patrols
16 Feb 1917 - 13 Mar 1917 Flandern Flotilla
Successes1 ship sunk with a total of 2,897 tons.
2 ships damaged with a total of 12,839 tons.
1 warship sunk with a total of 550 tons. (View ships hit by UC 68)
Fate 13 Mar 1917 - Lost through unknown cause south of the Lizard. Last known activity was on March 13, 1917 though the actual date of loss could be up to a week later. 27 dead (all hands lost).

The wreck was examined in October 2021 and May 2023 by the Gasperados dive group. Based upon information obtained from the dive and additional historical research, the wreck is with very high likelihood UC 68.

Previously recorded fate
Blew up on her own mines off Start Point at 50°17’N 3°32’W.

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