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Ships hit by UB 2

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DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
9 Jun 1915 UB 2Werner Fürbringer BritanniaFishing vessel (smack)43br
9 Jun 1915 UB 2Werner Fürbringer EdwardFishing vessel (smack)52br
9 Jun 1915 UB 2Werner Fürbringer LaurestinaFishing vessel (smack)48br
9 Jun 1915 UB 2Werner Fürbringer QuiviveFishing vessel (smack)50br
9 Jun 1915 UB 2Werner Fürbringer WelfareFishing vessel (smack)45br
10 Jun 1915 UB 2Werner Fürbringer IntrepidFishing vessel (smack)59br
23 Aug 1915 UB 2Werner Fürbringer  MiuraNavy Trawler257br
7 Sep 1915 UB 2Werner Fürbringer ConstanceFishing vessel (smack)57br
7 Sep 1915 UB 2Werner Fürbringer EmmanuelFishing vessel (smack)44br
10 Sep 1915 UB 2Werner Fürbringer Boy ErnieFishing vessel47br
26 Feb 1916 UB 2Werner Fürbringer ArbonneSteamer672br
11 ships sunk (1,374 tons).

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Ships hit by UB 2


1915 (1).

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