WWI U-boat Successes

Ships hit by UB 86

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DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
21 Feb 1918 UB 86Hans Trenk MerciaSteamer1,127sw
11 Apr 1918 UB 86Hans Trenk  King Alfred (d.)Armored cruiser14,150br
18 Apr 1918 UB 86Hans Trenk GregynogSteamer1,701br
17 Aug 1918 UB 86Hans Trenk DenebolaSteamer1,481br
17 Aug 1918 UB 86Hans Trenk  HeleneSteamer1,567da
19 Aug 1918 UB 86Hans Trenk Charity (d.)Steamer1,735br
4 ships sunk (5,876 tons) and 2 ships damaged (15,885 tons).

(d.) means the ship was damaged.
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