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September 1914

The British Armored cruiser HMS Hogue. She was hit by U 9 on 22 Sep 1914.

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Ships hit by U-boats during September 1914

DateU-boat Commander Name of shipType of shipTonsNat.
5 Sep 1914 U 21Otto Hersing  PathfinderLight cruiser2,940br
22 Sep 1914 U 9Otto Weddigen  AboukirArmored cruiser12,000br
22 Sep 1914 U 9Otto Weddigen  CressyArmored Cruiser12,000br
22 Sep 1914 U 9Otto Weddigen  HogueArmored cruiser12,000br
4 ships sunk (38,940 tons).

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Map showing hips hit by U-boats during 1914-09


sunk (4).

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