Ships hit by U-boats during WWII

Crew lists from ships hit during WWII

Allied Merchant personnel. Country: Honduran.

PersonBorn / deadServed on
Arzu, Cesareo, Merchant Marine1916-1942 San Blas +
Avila, Jose, Merchant Marine San Blas

Barrow, Raymond, Merchant Marine-1942 Baja California +
Bennett, Henry A., Merchant Marine San Blas
Bodden, Albert, Merchant Marine1918-1942 San Blas +
Bodden, Cyril, Merchant Marine1900-1942 Tela +
Brooks, Cleveland, Merchant Marine1906-1942 San Blas +
Bush, William, Merchant Navy1909-1942 Miraflores +

Caranza, Reuben, Merchant Marine1919-1942 Tela, Port Montreal +
Coloman, Bartalo, Merchant Marine San Blas

Delarca, Fausto, Merchant Marine San Blas

Ebanks, Willard Charles, Merchant Navy1897-1942 Miraflores +
Escoti, Jose M., Merchant Marine1921-1942 Tela, Port Montreal +
Espinosa, Lazarus, Merchant Marine1922-1942 Tela +

Francisco, Woodrow, Merchant Marine1919-1942 San Blas +

Gayle, Rupert, Merchant Marine1919-1942 San Blas +
Gomez, Estanislao, Merchant Marine1904-1942 San Blas +

Hernandez, Carlos, Merchant Marine1918-1942 San Blas +
Hewie, Roland, Merchant Marine-1942 Baja California +
Howell, Cyril, Merchant Marine San Blas

Kirkcannell, Elan, Merchant Marine Olancho

Lanza, Emilio, Merchant Marine1923 Panam

Martinez, Matri, Merchant Marine1915-1942 Tela +
McNab, Elsworth, Merchant Marine1923-1942 San Blas +
Mejia, Adolfo, Merchant Marine1920-1943 Pompoon +
Mejia, Luis, Merchant Marine-1942 Baja California +
Molina, Jose, Merchant Marine1922-1942 San Blas +
Murillo, Francisco, Merchant Marine1918-1942 San Blas +

Page, William, Merchant Marine1897-1943 Pompoon +
Palencia, Jose, Merchant Marine1912-1942 Tela +
Paz, Rodolfo, Merchant Marine1921-1942 San Blas +
Phillips, James, Merchant Marine Olancho
Phillips, Paul, Merchant Marine Olancho

Riddock, Stanley, Merchant Marine1919-1943 Pompoon +
Romero, Pablo, Merchant Marine1922-1942 San Blas +

Saavedra, Ruben, Merchant Marine1914-1974 Ceiba
Serrano, Ruben, Merchant Marine-1943 Olancho +
Simons, Albert, Merchant Marine1919-1942 Tela +
Stanley, Ricardo, Merchant Marine1919-1942 San Blas +
Suazo, Gustavo, Merchant Marine San Blas

Vallenzuela, Antonio, Merchant Marine1890-1942 Castilla +
Varela, Jose, Merchant Marine1918-1942 San Blas +
Vindel, Francisco, Merchant Marine1921-1942 San Blas +

Waller, Otis, Merchant Navy1910-1942 Miraflores +
Wood, Stephen E., Merchant Navy1915-1942 Miraflores +

Ybarro, Radolfo, Merchant Marine Olancho

Zuniga, Herberto, Merchant Marine-1942 Tela +
Zuniga, Timothy P., Merchant Marine1923 Dorchester

48 Honduran people located. 35 of them died in the war.

A (3993), B (7508), C (6052), D (4159), E (1863), F (2917), G (3932), H (6503), I (565), J (2948), K (3207), L (4212), M (8439), N (2003), O (1549), P (4309), Q (170), R (4081), S (7987), T (3266), U (275), V (1206), W (4819), X (8), Y (457), Z (293), Å (33), Ä (1), Ö (5), Š (3), Ž (1), Ø (70), Þ (7)

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