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Norwegian Steam merchant

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Type:Steam merchant
Tonnage1,499 tons
Completed1917 - NV BurgerhoutĀ“s Maschinefabriek & Scheepswerf, Rotterdam 
OwnerBirger Ekerholt, Oslo 
Date of attack5 Jul 1944Nationality:      Norwegian
FateSunk by U-763 (Ernst Cordes)
Position50° 12'N, 0° 46'W - Grid BF 3533
Complement? men (1 dead and ? survivors).
RouteUK - Normandy 
CargoWar material 
History Built as Loosedrecht, later renamed S.E. Calvert and finally Ringen

On 26 Oct 1941, the Ringen was damaged in a collision with another ship in convoy and went to Hartlepool for repairs. 

Notes on event

At 18.03 hours on 5 July 1944, U-763 fired a spread of three LUT torpedoes at the convoy ETC-26 off Isle of Wight and hit the Ringen (Master Oskar Monsen) with one of them. One British gunner was killed and the ship sank after being abandoned.

The Ringen was sunk on her third trip for Operation Neptune. She arrived the first time in the Normandy on 8 June and left five days later and made a second trip between 22 and 27 June.


Location of attack on Ringen.

ship sunk.

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