This Wolfpack operated from 14 Oct 1943 to 22 Oct 1943.


U-boats involved with this Wolfpack were:

U-91Heinz Hungershausen14 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-231Wolfgang Wenzel14 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-267Ernst von Witzendorff14 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-281Heinz von Davidson16 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-309Hans-Gert Mahrholz14 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-413Gustav Poel14 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-426Christian Reich16 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-437Hermann Lamby14 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-448Helmut Dauter14 Oct 194318 Oct 1943 
U-455Hans-Martin Scheibe14 Oct 194314 Oct 1943 
U-470Günther-Paul Grave14 Oct 194316 Oct 1943U-boat was lost
U-540Lorenz Kasch16 Oct 194317 Oct 1943U-boat was lost
U-608Rolf Struckmeier14 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-631Jürgen Krüger14 Oct 194317 Oct 1943U-boat was lost
U-762Wolfgang Hille14 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-841Werner Bender16 Oct 194317 Oct 1943U-boat was lost
U-842Wolfgang Heller14 Oct 194322 Oct 1943 
U-844Günther Möller16 Oct 194316 Oct 1943U-boat was lost
18 boats.

Daily positions of Wolfpack Schlieffen

Daily positions of U-boats of Wolfpack Schlieffen. The letters are each assigned to one specific boat.

U-boat position. U-boat lost from the Wolfpack.

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Ships hit by this Wolfpack

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