Stier (e. Bull)

This Wolfpack operated from 29 Aug 1942 to 2 Sep 1942.


U-boats involved with this Wolfpack were:

U-96Hans-Jürgen Hellriegel29 Aug 19422 Sep 1942 
U-380Josef Röther29 Aug 19422 Sep 1942 
U-404Otto von Bülow29 Aug 19422 Sep 1942 
U-584Joachim Deecke29 Aug 19422 Sep 1942 
U-594Friedrich Mumm29 Aug 19422 Sep 1942 
U-608Rolf Struckmeier29 Aug 19422 Sep 1942 
6 boats.

Daily positions of Wolfpack Stier

Daily positions of U-boats of Wolfpack Stier. The letters are each assigned to one specific boat.

U-boat position. U-boat lost from the Wolfpack.

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Ships hit by this Wolfpack

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Books dealing with this subject include

Corsarios Alemanes en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. de la Sierra, Luis, 1960.

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