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Over 400 pictures of U-564 found in England

Posted on: 15 Mar 2001 at 17:54.

According to an article in the British newspaper The Daily Mail (pages 24-25) today (March 15, 2001) over 400 photographs of U-564 have been located in Yorkshire, England.

The images were taken in 1942 by a propaganda photographer assigned to the boat and they apparently show the lighter side of life on the successful submarine under Kptlt. Suhren.

In 1944 a Royal Navy Diver who liberated Brest found them and returned to England with them. He gave them to a boy called Vic Parker who is now 60 years old. The boy now lives in Yorkshire, UK and recently saw a television programme about U-boats and remembered that he had them in his attic.

He has subsequently passed them to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport, England where they are now being taken care of.

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