Heinz-Wilhelm Eck

Siegerjustiz and the Peleus Affair

by Dwight R. Messimer

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Dwight R. Messimer teaches history at San Jose State University and is the author of several titles, including The Merchant U-boat (Annapolis, 1988)

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This article was published on 28 Mar 1998.

Heinz-Wilhelm Eck

Siegerjustiz and the Peleus Affair

Chapter One - Eck's career, U-852's only patrol and the sinking of SS Peleus and the loss of U-852 and its crew's imprisonment.

Chapter Two - The first day of the trial. The procecution and the defence prepare their cases.

Chapter Three - The second and third days of the trial.

Chapter Four - The fourth day of the trial. The execution of Eck and two of his crew members. Closing words.

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