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Schematics Drawing
Posted by: Simon ()
Date: April 27, 2012 07:55PM

The Drawing
The drawing is base on U-1308 a Type VIIC/41. U-1308 was the last Type VII to be build, consequently the Kriegsmarine fitted her out to be the most advanced Type VII’s of her type. U-1308 was one of nine Type VIIs that the Kriegsmarine fitted with an experimental synthetic rubber skin of anechoic tiles known as Alberich. U-1308 was also one of two Type VIIC/41s that was equipped with a new design of passive sonar hydrophones.

How to view the U-boat drawing
To view the drawing you will need to have a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader. The PDF document contains different layers to make viewing easier. These layers can be view all together or separately by selecting or deselecting layers within Adobe Reader. To best view the drawing, select only the layers that you want to see otherwise the drawing can become very hard to view.

Drawing Layers
* Hatches - This layer display the deck hatch layout.
* Legend Deck - This is the legend for the deck layout. The guidelines are display in blue for this layer.
* Deck - This layer display the deck layout.
* Conning Tower Casting - This layer display the Conning Tower casting.
* Legend Under-decking - This is the legend for the under-decking layer. The guidelines are display in red for this layer.
* Under-decking - This layer display all the equipment, piping etc... which is found under the main decking
* U-Boat - This layer display the pressure hull, saddle tanks and the bow and stern casting.

Version 0.3 []

** Would welcome any feedback on the drawing.

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