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Re: Schematics Drawing
Posted by: Simon ()
Date: April 24, 2013 04:19AM

This summer I was able to add a large number of new things and make updates (listed below) to my U-1308 drawing.

There are now over 61,000 objects in this dorsal view and this is reveal in the size of the PFD file which has grown to over 22MB :( Significant changes between this version and the previous are: the wooden deck, bridge/Wintergarten and the piping around the engine room.

A reminder about this PDF document, it contains different layers to make viewing easier. These layers can be view all together or separately by selecting or deselecting layers within Adobe Reader. To best view the drawing, it is best to select only the layers that you want to see, another the drawing can become very hard to view.

Happy view

Download Link

PDF Version - 22 MB

Zip Version - 10 MB

Version 0.4 ~ 24 April 2012

Added missing pressures hull markings.
Added missing labels for the Conning Tower Casting.
Added missing valve in the inlet Schnorchel piping.
Added deck hatches.
Stern Torpedo Loading
Exhaust Outlet Control Valve
Mid section access
Fuel Oil
Main Vent Access
Engine Lubricating Oil hatches.
Added rear Casting Bollards.
Added High Pressure Air Lines for Bank 6.
Tweaked alignment of the stern steel plating.
Tweaked alignment of the saddle tanks.
Tweaked alignment of the Fuel Oil and Engine piping.
Tweaked alignment of the Low pressure exhaust gas and emergency blowing systems.
Tweaked alignment of the Main exhaust gas blow valve
Corrected the smaller metal deck access hatches.
Increase compass access opening.
Updated Interconnector MB & ROL Tank 2
Corrected pipe alignment.
Corrected Saddle Tank openings.
Revise Emergency vent valves to match correct valves type.
Added more detail to Vent valves, main ballast and reserve fuel oil tanks.
Corrected pipe alignment.
Added pipe colour to the first section of piping only.
Updated Exhaust System.
Reduce the number and size of bolts on the pipe flanges.
Increase size of the pipes over the muffler exhaust valves.
Added locking plates to the pipe flanges.
Added Grease Distributors.
Added control linkage for Exhaust valves and grinders.
Added late war Exhaust outlets.
Tweaked alignment of Exhaust outlet pressure hull openings.
Tweaked alignment of Exhaust outlet valves.
Added Muffler Exhaust Valve.
Added aft section of Fuel oil compensating system

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