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RE: Welding.- Submarine Tang
Posted by: E. Dalder ()
Date: August 09, 2000 11:16PM

Both the U.S. and German shipyareds used the same two electric welding processes. For plate under about 1", the Shielded-Metal-Arc(S.M.A.) process was used. For plates above about 1" in thickness, the Submerged-Arc(S.A.) process was used, because of its high metal deposition rate and ease of automation. The quality of the weld depended mainly on the quality of the steel being welded( a big problem in WWII), the ability of the weldor to avoid introducing defects into the freezing weld-metal, the absence of sources of hydrogen in and near the weld(hydrogen causes porosity and cracking of the weld and adjacent plate), the methods of post-welding non-destructive inspection(radiography, magnetic-particle inspection, and dye-penetrant inspection methods were available), and above all, the skill and dedication of the individual weldor.

Supprisingly, while many new welding processes and improved welding-consumables have been developed and adapted for use in the last 55 years, the basic principles used to make and control high-quality welds in submarine-hulls remain the same as they were in WW II. .

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