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Posted by: kpp ()
Date: November 12, 2003 06:14AM

<HTML>Marine Archiv :Herman Lorey Der Krieg in den türkischen Gewâssern Volume I Die Mittelmeerdivision

May 10, a group of transport of two steamers secured by the torpedoboat GAIRET was on the way to the Dardanelles. The english submarien E14 attacked and succeeded to hit the steamer Güldschemal 5071t on his front whereas the steamer Patmos could avoid the torpedo. The effect of the hit was very small. The bow broke but the collision bulkhead maintained so the ship continued to float and there was no human or material loss. The next day the steamer could be towed to the Golden Horn. The english statement said that the steamer sunk with all 6000 people on bord, an infanteri brigade and several batteries. Chuchill wrote:"this terrible event stopped the praktically the turkish transport of troups on sea."
This was not the case. Only on May 28, le small steamer Panderma was sunk. 250 people died and the same number was rescued.This was the only loss of army people by u-boat attack.

Marine-Archiv : Herman Lorey Der Krieg in den türkischen Gewässern Volume II Der Kampf um die Meerenegen:

E 14 succeeded in an attack on the turkish transporter Güldschemal 5071 t which was on the way to the Dardanelles with troups on board and was hit on the front side. Contrary to english statement the ship did not sink.(a bounty of 31000 pounds was paid).The bow boke twice but the ship could be bought to Constatinople without human loss. Of course the ship could not be repaired during the fights of the Dardanelles.</HTML>

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