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Posted by: Thomas ()
Date: November 11, 2003 10:28PM

<HTML>Hello all !

Maybe the following question is a little bit off topic, but I&#8217;m interested in the operations of the british submarines in the Dardanells-campaign 1915 and found the case of S/S GUL DJEMAL something of a mystery:

E 14 (LCdr. Boyle) claimed to have hit and sank an enemy transport on the evening of 10.05.1915 in the Marmara.

Wilson/Kemp &#8222;Mediterranean submarines&#8220;, p. 81
&#8222;...claimed ship sunk, was GUL DJEMAL (ex White Star Liner) with 6000 troops and artillery on bord, though german accounts say she was merely damaged and towed back&#8220;

Kenneth Edwards &#8222;We dive at dawn&#8220;, p. 132
&#8222;armed transport GUL DJEMAL, carrying battery of artillery and 6000 troops. The stricken ship turned and tried to get back, but had to be beached&#8220;

P.J. Kemp &#8222;H. M. submarines&#8220;, p. 69
&#8222;...hit the armed transport GUL DJEMAL and so damaged her, that she had to be beached. Was carrying 6000 troops and a battery of guns, which never reached their destination Gallipoli&#8220;

Edwyn Gray &#8222;A damned un-english weapon&#8220;, p. 119
&#8222;...hit the 5000 ton GUL DJEMAL. There was a spectacular explosion and the stricken transport hauled off course in an effort to beach herself. Eye-witnesses on the island of Kalolimno later reported that she sank taking 6000 troops and an artillery-battery to the bottom with her&#8220;

Some internet-sources claime that she was sunk, later salvaged and served until 1950, when scrapped at Messina: www.shawsavillships.co.uk/germanic.htm

But an other source (fp.redduster.f9.co.uk) says, she was at anchor in shallow water, sank down to superstructure, most of the 4000 (!) troops lost. Crew E 14 got a bounty of 31.000 pounds !

So, what are the facts? Does any one of you experts (maybe one from the british side ;-) know the exact number of troops lost and what realy happend to the ship ???

Thanks for your time!

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